Class times



Children are required to be at school ready for the first bell at 8.50 a.m. An arrival at 8.40am is ideal, so that there is sufficient time to unpack bags and visit the toilet etc.  Please do not allow students to arrive at school too early as there is NO formal supervision in place prior to 8am of the school day, as teachers are busy preparing lessons or meeting with parents/administration on school or curriculum issues.   

Students who arrive between 8.00am and 8.40am must go directly to the hall. Note that there is Before School Care available on site.

Students arriving late to school can cause disruption to class and may miss important aspects of the lesson.  Please avoid this.  If your child is late, they must see the office staff for a late slip.  Students arriving after 9:30am will be marked absent (half day).


School departure time is 3pm.  Teachers supervise departure at all exit points.  Children not collected by 3.20pm will be brought to the Office/Tuckshop area to await collection.  Note that there is After School Care available on site.  Forms are available at our office.

Please avoid early departures if possible.  While we understand that there are legitimate reasons for students leaving school early, every time a parent takes a student early, it involves an Administration Officer having to ring a classroom. This disrupts the class and the lesson in progress.   It also means your son/daughter will miss homework instructions, note distribution and end of day revision etc.  If an early pick-up is absolutely necessary, parents must visit the office first and meet with an administrator to explain the reason for the early departure.  If a child leaves prior to 2.30pm they will be marked as half day absent.  The students will be sent for and the parent must sign the Early Leaving Register.

Another disruption at the end of the day is calls from parents/carers with instructions for students regarding how they are to get home. If at all possible, please try to avoid this.  If it is absolutely necessary please do not leave it to the last ten minutes as it is extremely difficult to reach all classes in time.

Note that for Prep, an adult to adult hand-over and pick-up is necessary at arrival and departure times.

Thank your for your co-operation and support with these procedures.

Parents who have work commitments before and after school are requested to organise supervised care for their children and not leave them at school unsupervised.

Ashmore State School does offer before and after school care by Ashmore P&C Association OSHC. For more information please see our Out Of School Hours Care tab or click on this link.

Last reviewed 10 March 2021
Last updated 10 March 2021