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Korean parent of a child who is  part of our International School Program 

Dear Mrs Wells

How are you?  Mrs Wells. This is Mingi’s mother, Juyoun. I’m writing you this letter instead of saying to you because I can’t explain it well in English.

We are very lucky to meet you. Mingi is settled into Australia very well and he can understand English because of your teaching, kindness, caring and helping.

When we arrived in Australia I felt very adventurous to live in a new country with my two children. Mingi could not speak and understand English. Now he is very confident in English. He enjoys his school and likes his friends. Most of all he respects this teacher. That’s why he is very lucky.

We can’t forget Australia’s life and great memories. All became possible with your teaching and helping. Mingi can’t forget Ashmore School, his teacher and the friends in his life.

I am starting to learn to speak English and I hope we can then communicate better.

God bless you. Be healthy.

Thank you again.

Lots of love 


Jillian Moore

Hi Margaret,
My name is Jilly Moore and my husband Brad and I have two sons at Ashmore State School: Riley Moore (4C) and Flynn Moore (1B). I am writing to express our gratitude and appreciation in the supervision offered to students from 8am until the bell, supervised by yourself and other members of staff. As a full time working mum it is wonderful to know that my boys are being supervised and cared for in the half an hour before their classes start.
Please pass this feedback on to the other staff that are rostered on supervisions before school and have Riley and Flynn in their care.
Kind regards,
Jillian Moore
Assistant Head of School
Director of Curriculum- YMCA Vocational School- (SOUTH EAST QLD) INC.

John Paul Langbroek 

As State Member for Surfers Paradise and Education Minister, DETE, I often have the pleasure of visiting Ashmore State School.

It is obvious that the school is one built on the belief that every child is important and deserves high quality education from a staff dedicated to excellence in professional practice.   

Additionally the school is supported by the community in many different ways resulting in an aesthetically pleasing learning environment and a culture of celebration and friendliness.

Ashmore State School is recognised for outstanding student academic, sporting and cultural achievements which I have witnessed first hand at ceremonies designed to recognise such student success.

I look forward to a long and productive partnership with Ashmore State School staff and students.

Yours sincerely

The Honourable John Paul Langbroek

QLD State Minister for the Department of Education, Training and Employment. 


Bob La Castra 

I have enjoyed a close relationship with the Ashmore State Primary School, for the past 16 years and would like to offer my congratulations to the school principal – Ms Margaret James and the teaching staff, for their ongoing, tireless dedication to the school, its students and to the local community.  

Ashmore State School provides a caring, inclusive environment to its students, which is clearly evident to me, as a result of my regular visits to the school. The children are always so polite and always have a smile on their faces.

For many years, the school has hosted international school visits for children and educators from a wide range of countries. In recent times, the school has achieved the status of ‘Preferred School’ for international educators, where overseas professors and members of their state - and federal government authorities, including Indonesia, the Maldives and China, attend curriculum and leadership workshops, led by Ms Margaret James.  

In addition to offering a wonderful learning environment, Ashmore State Primary School chooses to maintain a close and mutually beneficial relationship with the local community and the local Council, by working collaboratively and by opening up a number of the school’s facilities to the wider community, namely the fabulous community garden, sports fields and conference/meeting spaces.

It’s always a pleasure to visit the school and to get involved with its many, wonderful in-house and community based projects.

Bob La Castra

Councillor Division 8

Gold Coast City Council


Tracey Wentworth  

I have gone from being a past student to a very proud parent whose child is in attendance at Ashmore State School and couldn’t think of a better place for my daughter to spend her primary schooling age.

The school is safe, clean and very well maintained.

The teaching staff are wonderful and are always encouraged to use their own strengths to teach in a way that honours the unique gifts and talents of each and every child.

There is a very active school community within the school which is tight knit and full of enthusiasm. This helps to cement the ever-growing bond between the school and the local community which is an ever increasing important factor in today’s world.

I know from experience that it takes a great Principal, a hard working Administration team and dedicated staff along with participation from parents to help Ashmore State School grow.

My family and I are most certainly very happy to be part of it.

Tracey Wentworth


Ron Odle 

Finding the right school to send your children can be a nerve wrecking experience but a very important part of life and I can gladly say that we have made the right choice in choosing Ashmore State School as the school to send our two boys.

The school has an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming to all and this played a major part in our decision to enrol our sons here once we had decided to make the move to Australia from the UK three years ago.

The school prides itself on giving its students the best opportunities, facilities and equipment available to help them start their way on the education ladder and this is wonderfully enhanced by the dedicated teaching and backroom staff who work at the school. Added to this the school encourages parent and community participation wherever possible which greatly helps to build and strengthen the network needed that helps all our children as they embark on their first years of learning.

Ashmore State School is a wonderful place to send your child.

Ron Odle


Oliver & Sharon Ihle 

Thank you so much to wonderful Ashmore Primary. It's our last year here and we are so sad to leave. You have all been so wonderful and it is truly remarkable and a credit to Ashmore Primary that you have drawn such positive, brilliant teaching staff to your school - we will miss you very, very much as we journey on into the world of high school and can only hope that his experiences are as positive as they have been at this fine school.

Oliver & Sharon Ihle