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Excellence programs

​All students at Ashmore State School have the opportunity to develop their skills according to their aptitude to develop their true potential. It is our jobs as teachers to make sure we facilitate the growth of gifts into talents. It is a teacher’s responsibility to identify these skills and challenge students accordingly to personalise their learning leading to optimal results. It is crucial that those students who have been identified as gifted and talented are given appropriate opportunities to engage, stimulate and develop their potential. It is the classroom teacher’s responsibility to:

•  identify the special gifts and talents of students, implement effective learning strategies and provide appropriate resources

•  Regularly monitor the performance of students using a range of assessment measures so that assessment informs teaching.


The Excellence programs we offer here at Ashmore are -

Performing Arts - which includes Dance, Instrumental Music, Band and Choir,

Sports Excellence,

Science Excellence,

Academic Excellence, as well as our Gifted and Talented program.

For further information on how Ashmore State School's Gifted and Talented works within our school please read the following documents.

If your child has been identified as Gifted and Talented they may participate in many groups offered by Ashmore State School. Hard copies of these notices have gone home.


Ashmore State School, in partnership with the IMPACT Centre, is proud to offer Ashmore students the opportunity to participate in extension programs in a variety of subjects. This year we will be conducting  three 12 week interactive courses for students in writing, code breaking and problem solving.

The first of our courses begins in week 2 of term 1 and this course will be focusing on improving writing skills for students in grade 3. The program involves selected students participating in a weekly web conference delivered by a highly trained online teacher from the IMPACT centre. Lessons are supported by staff members at our school with weekly at home activities provided to further extend and enhance the students learning.

Kids Matter Program

Kids Matter focusses on the well-being of students at Ashmore State School. It is underpinned by the school values and embedded in the school curriculum on a daily basis. Further information regarding the Kids Matter Program can be obtained by contacting the schools Guidance Officer.

Fitter, Faster, Stronger

Refer to Sports tab under Co-Curricular.


The Opti-MINDS Challenge is an opportunity for all those with a passion for learning & problem solving to showcase their skills & talents in an exciting, vibrant & public way.
If your child has chosen to participate in this program please return this agreement form. 

Student Voice

Students from Yr 3 to 6 meet on a regular basis to have input into the good management of the school, the needs of students and the manner in which they can help the school and wider community through fundraising activities and showcasing talents and skills. This particular group of students play a vital role in insuring all students have a voice in Ashmore State School.